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Wood Panel Products LTD is a UK registered company; Any Size Shelf.co.uk is a part from WPP being the website for buying shelves…   

We are based in London 

At Wood Panel Products LTD our experts have been producing high quality made-to-measure domestic furniture, dealing directly with the consumer. We have acquired a reputation for excellent service and value to all our customers, at all times.

Customers often contact us, asking for a one-off made to measure shelf, to meet their requirements. They may already have been to a timber merchant, or even a D.I.Y superstore, but after a fruitless search, come to us to get the size and/or colour they require, or for a professionally finished product.

Where other furniture manufacturers turn these customers away, we have decided to open a dedicated unit in our factory to deal only with preparing and supplying made to measure shelves, to meet the demand.

We have made it easy and straightforward for anybody to purchase a shelf, in any size they want, from a range of contemporary colours. Just get online to anysizeshelf.co.uk choose the colour and size you require, and have it delivered to your door.

We also sell brackets for connecting shelves to the wall. We have a range of high quality, beautiful and stylish brackets, in several colours and finishes, making it the complete "1 stop shelf shop", with no need to shop around any further.

Buy directly online, and any order placed by 5pm, will be sent out the next working day*.

Relax! Your shelf is being made by a high quality furniture manufacturer, who has specialized machinery and trained staff to make your customized shelf, at a price you can afford.

*Please see terms and conditions


New products and services on our new upgraded website

We have now added some additional features at our standard shelves page they comprise of the following:

Edging type

1)      The regular edging which is 0.4mm thick.

2)      “New” 2mm thick  plastic edging (PVC or ABS), giving the shelve an enhanced look, and durable long-lasting edge.

Please note you can create beautiful contrasted colour panels, by choosing different colour edging to the panel colour, use the specials page to get a quote.


People often require matching wooden battens with which to fix the shelf to the wall or inside a cupboard , we have now made this feature available to add to shelf along with the order selection form. Choose between back batten , side battens or both.

Battens are made from the same material as shelves. Height of battens are 40 mm. Back batten: length, same as shelve,edged on long edge. Side battens: 30mm shorter than shelve depth,edged on 1 long and 1 short edge.

35 mm hinge holes

Are you in the mood of giving a new look to your piece of furniture by replacing it’s doors , or does 1 or 2 of your cupboard doors simply need replacing Our shelves are perfectly fine for creating doors , select your sizes , choose edging on all 4 sides and add 35mm hinge holes , we will then prepare the door for you with the hinge holes according to the door’s height as follows up to 650mm = 2, up to 1200mm = 3, up to 1500mm = 4. Plesae don’t forget to add the hinges to your basket from our accessories page

Following are a list of new services we offer:

Floating shelves

We are now set up, and are able to offer 50mm floating shelves, made from high quality melamine faced wood; these are purposely built in our unique system to your selected dimensions and specifications.

We may still be able to provide 25mm floating shelves in certain colours please contact us to enquire about these.  

Cut to size MDF

Here you enter your MDF cutting list and send a request for a quote which we will send you by email.

This service is useful where you’re making your own furniture project i.e. your special designed book case office desk, etc. so we get the woods cut & delivered to you … 

Scrap wood shelving

You may not be particular over the looks of the shelf; you simply need this piece of wood in your required sizes. This is where Scrap wood shelving comes into the picture. Being a furniture company we often get being left with off cuts of wood in random colours or we may sometimes have slightly damaged sheets of wood where they aren’t appropriate for use as furniture on display … you can order such a shelf at this section for a reduced price saving you money!

We don’t offer edging service for these shelves except for that on chipboard we will edge the front of the shelf only to cover the rough edge where your hands come in contact, whereas on a MDF shelf we will leave the shelf unedged       

Extensive range of complementing accessories

Shelve ornaments

We have carefully chosen a selection of beautiful and only high quality ornaments, mostly branded, which look striking and pretty when displayed on the shelve and will enhance any setting

Oversize quotation form

Whereas up to now for dimensions exceeding our limits you had to contact us, we have now added this Oversize quotation form page where you can enter your sizes as in the regular order page and then send it to us as a request for a quote.

Additionally we have managed to increase our size limits on the main order page making it available for online order up to 1500mm length x 650mm depth (instead of our 1200 x 600 cap)

Specials order form


‘’Good news’’:  great savings for our shelving customers

We have been able to reduce the shelve prices on several finishes which is very good news, especially on white shelving which proves to be a very popular colour, which will for sure save money for our consumers

Our Goal

We supply bespoke shelves, i.e. we cut to size shelves in any of the colours of our range, with 3 edging options, saving you unnecessary edging keeping the costs down.

So whenever you need a spare shelve or a replacement shelf, be it a furniture shelf a kitchen shelve or a storage shelf, needed in a wooden shelve look, or a plain colour, we are the custom made shelve supplier.

The advantage of our service is that everything can be done on line, and you have your made to measure shelves delivered right to your door in just a couple of days.