update 23/09/2020.

Delivery times rearranged – please read!

All orders will now be dispatched within 5-10 working days of placing order. Express 48-hour dispatch option, added.

We have not taken the decision to introduce this change lightly but had no choice . Those following us, since the start of the Covid-19 lock down, when orders soared, have seen notices repeatedly on our website, notifying customers of delayed dispatch, due to the large numbers of orders.

Weekend and night shifts in the factory, have become standard practice, to cope with the surge in orders, and still all it addressed, was, to prevent further backlog, but did not succeed to get us back to our original position of 48 hour dispatch on all orders.

In order to keep to our dispatch time promise, and not to disappoint clients, we have amended shipping times.

We do however recognise the importance of speedy dispatch for some customers, and have therefore made available a 48-hour service, for those in crucial need of made to measure shelves in time! This service relies primarily on out of hours shifts, to achieve this. Charges  are in line with the extra costs involved.

(Orders of accessories only, will still be dispatched by 48 hours).

For full delivery terms, read here.

Express 48-hour dispatch service

This option will be charged for and is available only on:

All-purpose shelving,

Scrap wood shelving

MDF Cut to size orders.

Orders placed with our “express 48-hour dispatch” service, will be dispatched within 48 hours, this excludes weekends and public holidays, or factory shut down times displayed on our website.

We will try our best where reasonably possible, to dispatch within 48 hours, but this is not a guarantee, and unexpected delays due to shortage of materials, etc…, may occur, so, do not book any tradesmen/fitters prior to the delivery of the goods, as we will not be liable for delivery delays. 

If we didn’t succeed to dispatch within 48 hours, you can claim back the extra charge, and the order will still be treated as priority.

For full delivery terms, read here.

Update 23 JULY 2020

Holiday shut down period.

We will be shutting down from the 5th - 19th August to give our staff a well-deserved break. Ahead of shutdown, inevitably more orders will be deferred until 20th of August.

We are working towards implementing some shorter shifts during our shutdown period, to process part of the orders to avoid a large backlog of orders on our return, however we are still unable to put dates to turnaround times on orders received in the shut-down time.

Other developments

Just to bring you up to date with developments and measures implemented to cope with the increasing number of orders coming in, as a result of the covid-19 situation.

Spending more time at home, people have turned to DIY tasks in the home, which is where our service comes into its own. We have increased our workforce to handle increasing orders, as well as improving our order handling systems, in order to prioritise orders and improve stock management and more.

Unfortunately, we are not yet able to offer 48-hour dispatch from time of order [ex weekend orders] but are working very hard on this. We are planning to expand our existing manufacturing space, to make room for an additional machining centre, to increase our capacity and enable quicker dispatch. We will keep you updated through these lines.

Please accept apologies for any inconveniences.

Update 27/05/2020

Due to an overwhelming amount of orders received, our dispatch time has slightly increased, we are doing our utmost to limit this as much as we can, which includes adding night and weekend shifts, with the goal to get back to our usual 48 hour dispatch, it will probably still take a short while till this will normalize, we apologize for delays some customers have experienced.

Meanwhile orders coming in, will likely get dispatched by 5 to 7 days, if you require your shelves urgent, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs, floating shelves and other special orders will take a couple of extra days.

Thank you for your sympathy and understanding.


Update 29/04/2020

We are now open and fully operational, manufacturing and deliveries as usual, but due to very high demand for our services, our delivery times may therefore take longer than usual. we would anticipate to despatch regular shelves 4-5 days from order and 7-10 days on floating shelves.

Many thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.


Important update 02/04/2020

Due to high volume of orders received in the last few days, we can no more guarantee to dispatch any new incoming orders, before we shut down on the 7th of April, new orders will be processed on our return on the 20th of April, in order of the date received.

Update 01/04/2020

Our factory and offices will be closed from this coming Tuesday the 7th of April, and will re-open on Monday morning the 20th April; all orders in the interim will be processed on our return.

Whilst all orders except for floating shelves will still be dispatched before we close, due to high demand delivery times may be slightly delayed.

We will update this notice of any changes.

COVID-19 Company Statement


25th March 2020

Dear All,

The safety and well-being of our customers, employees is our top priority. I want to share how we are addressing concerns regarding COVID-19 at this exceptional and uncertain time.
We are closely monitoring the situation and are following the latest government guidelines. We are taking the necessary, practical and sensible steps to provide safe and healthy work environments, including implementing additional protective measures across our whole manufacturing premises.
In addition to our standard health procedures, these further measures include:

  1. Increasing the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting areas, with consistent reminders throughout the workday
  2. Distributing hand sanitizers and  continuing to remind employees to wash their hands regularly
  3. Encouraging employees to report any illnesses they are experiencing and to stay at home if they are sick
  4. We will extra wipe-over all of our shelves before dispatch with white spirit.

We would advise all our customers to use gloves whilst unpacking the packs or to wash their hands after, as we do not have control on the packages whilst in transit.

Our team will closely follow the latest updates to make timely decisions and take action where needed. We know this is a difficult situation, but we want you to know that we are here for you. We will do everything we can to help our customers and communities to stay safe.

We are NOT anticipating any significant interruption to the continuity of supply of our products to our customers as a result of the Covid-19 virus.

Important update 01/04/2020

Our factory and offices will be closed from this coming Tuesday the 7th of April, and will re-open on Monday morning the 20th April; all orders in the interim will be processed on our return.

Whilst all orders except for floating shelves will still be dispatched before we close, due to high demand delivery times may be slightly delayed.

We will update this notice of any changes.

N. Friedman
Managing Director




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