As the majority of our shipments are heavy and bulky, which makes it expensive to ship, we have to therefore charge a minimum of £12.00 to all orders of up to £90 excluding Vat, and £15.00 on orders of above £90.00 and upto £200.00, and thereafter an additional £5.00 for every £100.00. See chart below.

Order value between £0-£90 £91-£200 £201-£300 £301-£400 £401-500 £501-£600 £601-£700 £701-800 £801-£900 £901-£1000 over £1000
Delivery cost £12 £15 £20 £25 £30 £35 £40 £45 £50 £55 £60


48 Hours dispatch

We aim to dispatch all shelving orders within 48 hours, (these include: all-purpose shelving, scrap wood shelving & MDF cut to size orders) as well as for accesories only orders.

Floating shelves and all specials orders, will be dispatched within 7 days.

Where we offer 48 hour dispatch, we will try our best where reasonably possible to do so, and is not a guarantee, and unexpected delays may occur, and is subject to availability of materials.

We therefore advise that tradesmen should not be hired for installation of goods purchased from us, prior to the delivery of the goods, and we will not be liable for delivery delays. 

Shipping method

We ship all of our orders using a next day delivery courier, where reasonably straightforward and economical to do so, but this is not a guarantee.

On large orders, we may use for economical reasons, a dedicated door to door same day courier.


By using next day couriers, although the vast majority of our parcels reach our customers the next day, this is not a guarantee, and delays on the courier part can occur, and we will not be liable.

On very rare occasions, parcels can get lost in transit, the courier will carry out an internal search to locate the items, this can take up to 3 days and we will not be obligated to send out replacements until the search results are concluded.


Any delivery instructions should be entered in the comment box at checkout at time of order, any changes afterwords, you should contact us ASAP, and we will try to arrange the change.

Customers will receive an email notifying them when orders have been dispatched, and should ensure somebody will be in (the next working day) to accept the order, (If due to unforeseen circumstances there will be no one in, to take delivery, you can [at your own risk] leave a visible note with alternative delivery instructions for the courier).

We strongly recommend not to book any fitters before your item/items has arrived. 


5% discount on all orders over £100